November 2009

Chromatic is a concept album that tells a story in ten tracks. The story takes the listener on a journey: navigating a descent from complacency to chaos and then climbing hills of hope to happiness.


Twenty Shades of Grey Feat. Pauline Oegema (piano)

Puzzle Pieces

Lost At Sea

Cast Down Feat. Melissa Shriner (vocals in Italian)


Dark Days Feat. Ase Mor

The Prodigal Feat. Gary Forbes (trumpet)

Dream (that Tomorrow can be Today)

Queen Meets King Feat. Susan Yee (erhu)

Chromatic Feat. Peter Haverkamp (guitar)


Cello by Robin Howe. Acoustic drums by Bob Goodall and Joseph Stracuzzi.

All lyrics co-written by Christina Oegema-Durksen and Danielle Oegema-Marconi.

All songs recorded and produced by Peter Haverkamp, except “Cast Down,” by Paul Palynchuk

Recorded at Canadian Heritage Records

Mastered by Grant Avenue Studio

Album art by Jessica Jordan


Zusters has written music that falls within a number of genres, including rock, folk, dance, hymns, ballads and classical pieces. Often, whatever musical style seems to suit the story or mood of the lyrics is what they run with.


– A Collection of our musical efforts –

Twenty Shades of Grey




My eyes can’t see colour

It happened over time

Maybe I’m complacent

But I think I’ll be fine


Roses have no red

Violets have no blue

The sun is but a shadow

I cannot see you


I used to dream in colour

But black and white’s okay

I can handle life

In twenty shades of grey


I used to dream in colour

But black and white’s okay

I can handle life

In twenty shades of grey


I guess I can continue

I guess I’ll find my way

One foot before another

Beneath the shade of grey


Walk one foot before another

Beneath the shady grey

Well that must be okay

Do you think that that’s okay?


I used to dream in colour

But black and white’s okay

I can handle life

In twenty shades of grey


The road’s a little blurry

I feel a little pain

But I still smell the flowers

I still hear the rain


The road’s a little blurry

I feel a little pain

But I still smell the flowers

I still hear the rain



Puzzle Pieces




I have changed. Let me tell you how it all started.


One night, I sat at my dining room table

Putting together a puzzle –

A picture of my life made into a puzzle, that is

It came in a box without a picture

One thousand pieces of a pre-determined picture

The lamp’s light shone a harsh glare on my jumbled life.

How was I supposed to figure out how everything fits together?


Somehow I was prompted to leave it be – leave the puzzle alone

For whether I pieced it together or not,

The same pre-determined picture would emerge

I felt it again

Leave it be

But I wanted to see the ending before the ending began

I wanted to know my future before the present was over

I wanted to maneuver my life, glimpse ahead,

Be aware of what was to come, be prepared for what was to come.

Then I noticed a warning on the box that read,


“Do not piece this puzzle together before its time!”


I didn’t understand.


The puzzle was my Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Like Eve, I wanted SO BAD to eat a piece of the fruit, it was so tempting

So tempting that I broke off a piece of fruit

I sank my teeth into the juicy flesh, spitting out the seeds.


It took SO LONG to complete the puzzle

I made SO MANY mistakes because I couldn’t see the whole picture,

But one day I finished.

I went outside to make the picture come true myself.

Instead of walking through life step by step,

I zoomed out to capture the whole picture.


I contested gravity – I felt like I could fly

But I fell flat on my face

Gravel filled my mouth

Broken teeth, broken soul.


I started to run. It started to rain.

I pushed the rain out of my way like a curtain, until I saw the sun.

But the sun did not console me;

It mocked me with its bright rays.

In the face of my discouragement,

It shone on my face

So that my eyes were blinded to the truth.


After about 88 more steps, I saw a path ahead

Birds fluttered around it, welcoming me

But I picked up a hatchet conveniently lying close by,

And cleared my own path instead.

I wanted to do it my way

I had to follow the picture – the way I pieced the puzzle together

The way ended up being difficult to navigate

My compass was faulty

I threw it in the woods and when it fell,

It did not make a sound.


Then I started to wonder

As I picked leaves out of my hair with throbbing hands

Oh, I started to wonder -
What if the picture that I had assembled back on my dining room table

Assembled based on my own understanding, that is

What if that was different than the picture that was meant to be?

How would I ever know? The box came without a picture…

What if my dreams would not be realized

On the other side of this maze of trees?


After being indecisive for a while,

I decided to continue

On this path never trodden before me, before now

Unaware of what was ahead

I figured that eventually I would find myself in the right place

At the right time

In the right circumstance to make my puzzle picture come true.


Make my puzzle picture come true….make my puzzle picture come true…No one else but me can realize my dreams…my puzzle picture of my dreams…my dreams in one thousand pieces put together my way…my dreams come true my way…


Maybe I would eventually find myself happy, out of this forest of confusion,

away from all the trees weighed down with juicy fruit, away from all the leaves that stick in my hair…fall to the ground and crumble under my feet.


Maybe I would eventually find myself satisfied, in a place with a bigger dining room table for bigger puzzles and a nice front window with a glorious view of the sunset…


Maybe I would eventually find a body of water…on the other side of the trees…

I’ve always wanted to live by the water

I’ve always wanted to live by the water

See the ripples lapping up against the shore

I’ve always wanted to live by the water

Splash my face with the cool water in the morning

I’ve always wanted to live by the water

Hear the waves as they lull me to sleep

I’ve always wanted to live by the water

I’ve always wanted to live by the water


I’ve always wanted to live by the water.



Lost at Sea




Back and forth, back and forth

Back and forth, back and forth


Back and forth, back and forth

Back and forth, back and forth


Gray and blue, blue and gray

Day and night, night and day

Mist and rain and wistful thinking

Blind restraint, blank eyes blinking


Black and white, white and black

I feel mariners creeping behind my back

Nobody here, nobody there

Heart laid bare, hope nowhere


Lost at sea on a stormy night

Cold and salty, fear meets fright

Float and sink and sink and float

These waves might capsize my lonely boat

These waves might capture me—note by note


Back and forth, back and forth

Back and forth, back and forth


Back and forth, back and forth

Back and forth, back and forth


East and west, west and east

I can’t breathe, I can’t see

Come on, angels, please don’t leave

Tell me something I can believe!


Back and forth, back and forth

North and south, south and north

Floor and sky, sky and floor

Upside down I feel no more…


Albatross, just go away

Come again another day

Albatross, you cannot stay

Thanks to you, I’ve lost my way

Thanks to you, I’ve lost my way



Cast Down




Flooded eyes drowned out by laughter

Scream now, and think on it after

“Never mind,” mouth says to brain

But yellow sparks of energy drive me insane


Want to say it, want to scream it

Want to settle down, instead melt down

Want to be the calm one

(Always thought I was the calm one)


Once it was all perfectly pieced together

All of this that has now sha t t e   re  d

Losing pieces, pieces of me

Broken pieces all around me


Here I am, drowning in anger

Not breathing, agony is seeping

Out of my soul, onto the floor

Shut the door, shut the door


I wanted to be free

But the fire burns in me


I wanted to be free!


Shut the door on my shattered dreams

Shut the door to hold in the screams

My life’s not what it seems

Did I dream too many dreams?


I wanted to be free

But the fire burns in me

I wanted to be free

But the fire burns in me


Volevo essere libera,

Ma il fouco bruccia in me.







On an island, surrounded by glassy water,

Crowds and crowds of people gather.


The people are shrouded in the darkness,

But moonlight shines on their faces,

Making everyone look like they are made of gold.


Dark eyes framed by dark eyelashes gaze deeply,

And all the mystery of night is encompassed and enraptured

In those glistening stares full of glistening tears.

We all hope they don’t spill over – overflow and trickle all the way down

And rust the faces made of gold…


Look into the glassy ocean’s surface; the mirror-glass,

That horrible surface that gives away hidden imperfections –

That enhances the eyes and reflects the water,

Both from the tears and the ocean …


Everyone wants to submerge all the confusion they feel

And the blank thoughts that somehow fill their minds,

So they need not exist up here, here on the crowded island.

I think I need to spend some time underwater:

To mask my existence and scream a little.

Down there, no one can hear you scream, so you don’t disturb anyone.

Ripples will rock and shudder around,

And once you collect your dignity, emerge

And never want to go back to that salty, glassy water.


Dazzling light flickers on and off all over the island.

Volcanoes erupt and pour heat over everything.

Earthquakes shake the ground and light -


Light and indescribable sounds fill everyone’s eyes and everyone’s ears

Until nothing can be done but stand still, like stone.

Something…something…something consumes everyone

As all the excess, removable grime and build-up of life on this earth is burned away

And the people of the earth are left existing as statues—stone statues—with nothing extra

nothing extra


To make them be any better.

They’re eroding, and tears glisten and melt off everyone’s faces

As they are forced to look in the mirror-glass…

To look upon the truth and the reality

And the purpose of life they failed to give time to before.

Now everyone wants to drown

but no one can



Dark Days




It’s a slippery slope

To rock bottom

It’s a long way to fall

It’s a hard way to fall


My stomach is sinking

My mind can’t stop thinking

Drinking in what I need

Desperate to feel again

But now I only feel alone




So I start to fall

She trips, slips and loses her grip

Bump against rocks

Arms and legs conflicting with the cliffs

Blind to beautiful

She can’t see her reflection

Deaf to song

  She doesn’t hear me calling her!


It’s a slippery slope

To rock bottom

I’ve reached the hard ground

My face bruised from the fall

But once you’re at the bottom

You can’t fall anymore

I have to look up

And start climbing


Forgetting what happened

Before impact

Picking up the pieces

Of my broken heart

Along the way

Picking up my pieces

So I can walk uphill again



The day breaks on her broken soul

She rolls over, gets up slow

Stumbles at first ’til she finds her feet

Crumbles at first ’til her arms and legs meet

Her eyes come to focus and they see her heart

So many precious pieces all broken apart

Tears fall down her face as she gathers them up

Shiny tears, sharp pieces, life interrupted

She presses fragments back inside her chest

And holds her heart as she walks up the precipice

Determination, clenched fists and gritted teeth

She conquers rocks, ascends and puts hurt beneath

What once was dull now starts to shimmer, glimmer, shine

The sun follows her up the cliff as she climbs over time

Over time, no longer blind, getting strong, it won’t be long.


It won’t be long.



The Prodigal




No mistake I’ve ever made

Can quit your ever-flowing mercy

No mistake I’ve ever made

Can quell your grace and surely, surely

I can rise up on your wings

And fly above my situation

I can still live in your will

‘Cause I will trust your navigation


I’ve been tossed against the waves

I’ve been lost along the way

Oceans would have been my grave

But your death has healed and saved:

Sovereign rescue, love so sweet,

Pure redemption, grace complete

For as dark as the situation

Twice as bright is your relief!


Then I will surely sing,

O Death, where is your sting?

You cannot claim me, I’ve been saved

By my immortal King


Then I will surely sing,

O Death, where is your sting?

You cannot claim me, I’ve been saved

By my immortal King


Dream (that Tomorrow Can Be Today)


When you see

What you could have become

You hope it’s not too late

That fate

Can still happen

That you

Can still be you


As destined

As dreamed

You scream

You wander

Through life’s possibilities

And certainties

You scrape your feet

And get calloused

Snatch at ideas and chances

Pray you still have a chance

Hope, dream, reason some more

Your eyes will get glassy

And your thoughts all blend together


Until the day you realize…


It’s never too late

To alter your fate

Scrape at the ceilings of your dreams

Break through and reach further

Dance on the clouds of your talents

And scream as you climb

Sing as you float

Then see your own face

Scream as you climb

Sing as you float

And see your own face

See what you have become, and smile deeply

See what you have become, and smile deeply



Queen Meets King




The queen turns her head

To her people

Looking for a king

A fitting head for a golden crown

She lives her dream in today

So she can look to tomorrow

Tomorrow with her king


Her hands folded

Her life molded

By her God

Who makes the sun to shine on her

And be gracious to her

A king comes forward then

Asking for the crown

But just like the fairy tale, his glass shoe must fit


He does not fit

He is banished

The queen turns her head again

Sheds a tear / Knows better

Looks onward to her people,

The moon on their faces.

Then she asks her Advisor what to do

He guides her eyes

“The crown was made for this one’s head”

She then sees her king; the unexpected one


They dance

Of life and love

They dance

Of dreams and morning dew

They dance

Of light and laughter


Peace fills my heart / I love my king

We float away / And back again

We float downstream / In crystal waters

We float on dreams / Of ancient daughters

I float so free

My king I sought him…. My king I found him


I love you…you…you







Though the road was winding

I found my way

I see the bright beginning

Past the clouds of grey


I found the red in roses

I caught a glimpse of you

I learned a little secret

Love is colour, too


I couldn’t see in colour

But that changed one day

A promise in a rainbow

Appeared after the rain


Everything’s chromatic

It’s no longer grey

What was in the distance

Surrounds me today


Now everything’s chromatic

It’s no longer grey

What was in the distance

Surrounds me today





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