– A little bit about the sisters –

Christina and Danielle are sisters from Saint Catharines, Ontario. They began writing songs together in 2008 and released their first album, Chromatic, in November of 2009.

Danielle is a classically-trained violinist who teaches the Suzuki method in Niagara, and has both played in and recorded with a number of local bands. Christina’s background is in communication and administration, and she spends her creative energy writing lyrics, poetry and articles for her blog.

All four of Danielle and Christina’s grandparents immigrated to Ontario from Holland as young adults. The inspiration for their songwriting name comes from their Dutch heritage (“Zusters”
is the Dutch word for sisters).

Moving from a concept album style to a collection of full-band songs, Zusters is releasing their second album, Resonate, in spring of 2017.


Composer, Vocals, Violin/Viola


Music of all kinds was always being played in the Oegema home in the 80s and 90s—everything from Christian rock to CBC radio. It was only natural that Danielle would start taking music lessons as a kid, her instrument of choice being violin. After years of lessons, she enrolled in the music program at Brock University and has recorded violin for many different bands over the past several years. Having also played violin in several local bands, she decided one day in 2008 that she should shift focus and make music of her own. Danielle presented Christina with the idea of writing songs together, and Zusters was formed.



Lyricist, Vocals, Piano

Beginning in second grade with stories about woodland creatures named after her classmates, Christina has always loved to write. As a kid, she wrote poetry featured in festivals, made up silly song lyrics and filled up many binders, journals and diaries with various pieces of writing. Having grown up in a musical family (Christina and Danielle’s mother plays the piano and their grandmother played the church organ for many years), Christina also took some music lessons (piano), and with her writing experience and love to sing, ultimately became just the right songwriting companion for Danielle.



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